Health & Safety

We take health and safety very seriously and work with a professional team to ensure compliance.

LB Engineering is focused on achieving a high standard of health and safety performance.  LB Engineering has developed from a compliance focus to a positive safety culture focus where workers see health and safety as an integral part of their work.  

TMR have worked with and watched LB Engineering’s commitment to health and safety grow since 2009 and have seen evidence that health and safety makes a difference to how the workers perform their duties. 

This has been achieved through commitment from management, and over a period of time management, we have managed to convince all workers that health and safety is not going away. 

They are committed to getting it right.  Achievements include maintaining a tertiary level on the ACC WSMP Scheme and having an effective in-house competency training system.  


LB Engineering is supported in its Health and Safety by the Avid Plus team of health and safety professionals.  Avid Plus incorporates a group of experienced and qualified specialists that have joined together to assist companies in meeting their compliance needs.

They work with a wide range of companies throughout New Zealand; the team of consultants have built a legacy of excellence through commitment to service and continuous improvement.  They know that all top performers maintain this by robust systems and by critically reviewing their performance.

Avid Plus can advise or assist you with:

  • Health and Safety reviews and systems
  • Hazardous Substances management
  • ACC Audits
  • Health and Safety Training 
  • Health and Safety Governance

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